Vehicle emission testing

While eliminating certain elements from the XJS will make it perform better. What is one to do when contemplating moving from one state to another in the US?

I know that the west coast states such as CA, AZ, NV, WA (maybe others too) still have smog testing. How do you guy’s cope with this?

Other states like FL, IN, KY, (I think) SC are a few of the states that do not require state inspections and emission testing.

Is there anywhere in the western states with warmer climates that one doesn’t have to put up with such nonsense?

Washington state no longer has smog tests.


We have lived in CA on and off (I was in the US military) since 1975. I have kept all of the factory emissions equipment intact and properly functioning in all of our cars. At one point four of our six Jaguars required a CA emissions test every two years. In dozens of smog tests over the decades our cars failed the CA emissions tests only on a few instances usually due to a minor technical issue and not for high emissions numbers.
BTW, we are leaving CA in 2021 and none of states that we are likely to move to currently require emissions testing.


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Just to be clear: Does that mean that there you no longer have to take your car anywhere for prying eyes?
Are you only required to register the car by mail or at your local DMV/BMV and that’s it?

I am not trying to get personal here, but would it be forward of me to ask what are those states that you know of that do not require emission testing?

Also, of those states are there any initial physical requirements that need to be adhered to for entry?

For example: I live in the state of Indiana, and in this state (at least most of it) there isn’t any vehicle inspections or emissions testing of any kind that I know of.

It’s been a long time since I moved here and I don’t remember jumping through any hoops coming in.
However, when a vehicle is purchased from out of state I have to either trailer the vehicle to the local police dept. and pay them a $5.00 fee for an officer to come outside and do visual vin# verification, or pay the fee and a officer will come to my home and do the vin verification there.
The police verification slip is then taken to the local BMV along with any other required documents and you simply register the car.

Paul, I hope that your assets are just shy of the 30 million that CA wants to charge a 10 year exit fee for.

In Colorado, only the 7 Front Range counties require it, and parts of three more only require it in urban areas

NY is real particular the the vehicle “continues to comply with all regulations in place when the car was new”.

Annual safety inspections. All registered vehicles must pass.

Since OBD2, as long as the computer is happy, the car passes. Older stuff, as long as the check engine light is off or there is no check engine light, it passes.

That is correct, sir

There are currently 13 states that have adopted California emissions standards; most are on the east coast (Colorado being an exception). While they may not enforce testing or inspections at this time, they have the legal authority to do so in the future. It can be a revenue generator for them…
Michigan has no emissions testing or vehicle inspections, but did have emissions testing in the past (in the early 90s). The Federal government also prohibits removing or making emissions equipment non-functional, and can fine a shop up to $100,000 per occurrence. I don’t think that applies to vehicle owners.
Not that you are likely to be caught unless your state starts testing/inspections , but beware.

Well have to convert our Jags to electric one day!

Looks like you’ll need to ask Volkswagen to step in and help.

I am certain that you can make v12 run lean with simple resistor…

I am certain that you can make 3.6/4.0 (AJ6) run lean with similar resistor located in the body of MAF sensor…

Only part of Colorado has emission testing.

Lean won’t necessarily make it pass; first step for the inspector is to determine whether anything has been removed or tampered with.
Short story, I worked for a company that installed dropped floors in minivans for wheelchair access; we had to get an EO from the California Air Resources Board for moving the OE catalytic converter, then install a label for the emissions inspector informing of the changes and EO number.
Remember that 13 states have adopted California rules, but don’t enforce them at this time.

Virginia requires that a car be more 25 years old on January 1 of the current year. That means I have one more emissions test (in 2021) and that would be a wrap for my car!

We still require annual safety inspections, which quite frankly, worries me more, but probably much easier to find a shop that would sell you a sticker if you really couldn’t solve a CEL issue or something…

FWIW Oregon has emission testing only is select counties. Mine isn’t one of them

As for “warmer”, well, Oregon probably isn’t what you had in mind unless you’re thinking of just summer months…when it can get miserably hot. :slight_smile:


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California and Colorado are the only Western states that have adopted the CARB standards, leaves you many choices.

Ditto, here: makes registering the Jeepster waaay easier!

I have noticed that there are some states like CO, AZ, OR, maybe even CA, and others that don’t have testing in their most rural parts of the state. The thing is, it doesn’t seem like any of those outlier counties are desirable places to live.

There is only so much investigating one can do with a laptop which makes finding a new home for my XJS’s and other vehicles very difficult.

Of course I could opt out, get rid of the Jags, buy a ??? Then die a slow too.

BLASPHEMY!!! :rofl:

I just googled “states that require vehicle emissions testing” and it looks like more metro areas have adopted testing in the SW US. I guess we are screwed…