Vehicle emission testing

My wife once suggested that we should buy a new car. I asked her if she wanted to see me cry every time I woke up in the morning and looked at the driveway to see some gawd awful modern contraption. Even the 15 year old Subaru is spaceship stuff to me.

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Yeah, my wife asked me what would I do if I got rid of the Jags, I just shrugged and said “I dunno, probably just do it all over again” like a dog chasing it’s tail.

What I do know is, I do not want any agency snooping around and prodding my Jags, so looking for a warm safe haven.

Some of the areas that still require emissions testing might use a “tail pipe only” test. They’re not concerned with modifications, added/delete equipment, etc. You might find this less disagreeable, and might open up some options for you. Worth checking, perhaps?


I’m moving from the UK to the Netherlands and have had to make some tough car choices. The SAAB has to go, the Subaru will stay in the UK, the XJR-S and the Alfa Spider will somehow make it to NL. It was an easy call on the Alfa - “It’s cute, and small enough for the typical Dutch towns” she said. On her solution of me selling the Jag, I said “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” - it’s staying with me, wherever I live.

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You said that, because you’ve never owned Nissan Pulsar GTiR…

Good morning everyone, I’m a new member and thrilled to see so many Jag-lovers, one of the finest cars ever made. I’m a licensed Mechanic, Pilot and now an instructor for a large Corporation. I must say without having any control or regulations we would all be dead… We are still paying for the 50’s,60’s ,70’s 80’s , 90’s horrific spew of HC, CO2 , CO and NOX…I’m no tree hugger, but we have to control the junk on the road. I have seen and tested cars with no brakes and burning raw fuel or oil. The amount of freon released in the air alone will scare you. I apologize for the ranting but it drives me nuts when there are people letting their cars idle, or running like poop and won’t fix it. Ford in the 30, 40,50’s was cutting tree’s by the train loads every month. I believe our cars should be tested annually, both for safety and emissions just like Europe.
I hope i haven’t offended anyone, just my 10 cents.
P.S. I too,have tons of toys that pollute.

I lived in Los Angeles for nearly 30 years, beginning in 1965. I can attest that emissions controls do work. The air was undeniably cleaner when I left.

Broadly, I don’t think many people truly object to emissions testing in principle. The bone of contention is how the tests are conducted, which vehicles are tested, the efficacy of testing in certain areas, and so forth. It’s a huge topic. I don’t have the strength for going any deeper at the moment :slight_smile:

As for mandatory safety inspections…

I remember the days when those were common. I’ve never researched why they disappeared. I strongly suspect that, statistically, only a very tiny percentage of accidents are caused by faulty mechanical equipment. Perhaps that has some bearing on it.


Honestly, only with this statement, I would recommend your EASA license recalled :wink:

There is a big difference between millions upon millions of vehicles polluting 15,000 miles a year, and an insignificant number of collectors cars polluting perhaps 2,000 miles per year.

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Janus, I have at least several to speak of and certainly not narrow minded. :wink:

Illinois still has emissions testing, but only for cars with OBD 2.

Well, for what its worth we’re basically talking about cars that are 25, 30, and 40 years old. Realistically, how many of the few of us that are left, that actually use an XJS for a daily driver rack up 15, 20, or 30K miles per year? Broadly speaking of course, and even for the most modest of households that own any vehicle of this vintage, they are not the mainstay everyday driver and are pretty much relegated to Sunday fair weather pleasure duties. So, racking up large pollution bills is not what’s happening here, not by a long shot.

In fact, I venture to say that the owner of an older car that eliminated a few do dads would probably be more inclined to diligently chase down any abnormalities that decreased optimal performance of said vehicle on his/her own without government oversight.

Personally, and generally speaking, I am mindful of intoxicating the planet but I do not understand
10 years ago or so Ford introduced a regeneration process of the particulate in the catalytic converter of their Diesel engines. Not only did this process prematurely suck the life out of the engines, but in the process it sucked the fuel from the tank at an alarming rate while cleaning the cat. As the miles piled on the regen process kicked on more and more over time and got to the point of sucking close to ¼ of a tank of diesel in the process.

Far from being a rocket science, but that does not eliminate the use of common sense. Common sense tells me that there are no free lunches, what one hand giveith the other hand takes away. It also became clear (to me) that the automaker’s did not design such a system from the goodness of their hearts, but merely to appease EPA requirements, so be it, but they made the consumer pay through the teeth for it. What kind of S—t is that?

More than likely my thoughts and observations may put me well over my ski’s, and in an argument that cannot be won.

Kinda like refrigerants- R12 very bad for the ozone layer, R134a much better. Then R1234yf that is only slightly better; yet requires completely different recovery/ recycling equipment, different system oils, and different components. Can’t help but wonder if that wasn’t the result of some lobbyists seeing an opportunity for their clients …

Exactly this. And the same goes for safety inspections, much more likely that a classic car will be in better condition than most other cars on the road. I still think it is stupid that the UK doesn’t test cars until they are 3 years old. It’s entirely credible that there will be cars on the road that have done more than 50K miles without any mechanical checks.

There are cars on the road in Alabama with 200k+ miles with never an inspection of any sort. Of course, we don’t have rust from road salt like northern states. But a lot of northern states don’t have mandatory inspections either.

You should see the junk on the roads here in Michigan- and people here drive a lot of miles annually. Five year old cars with over 100K miles, with rust holes… and the roads are the worse in the country, more like what you would expect in a third-world country. Chunks of concrete falling off of bridges, it’s bad.
Oh, and no vehicle inspections of any kind.

I remember living in St Louis, MO. Some folks had their commuter junk cars and had a nice car for evenings and weekend pleasures.

Up here in the PNW is fairly common for people to use a beater car (often called a “hoopty”) for the 3-4 worst winter/rain months. When spring springs, the nice cars come back out!


My Volvos love coming out in the winter, especially if there’s snow.

My Jaguar loves hibernating.