Vehicle tie down straps for trailers (E-Type)

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Hi, Searching the archives I have not found any recent conversations concerning this subject. My current and somewhat aged tie down straps are just a ratchet, strap, and 2 hooks. I have successfully used these for transporting my 69 SII E-Type and 93 Miata on my flatbed trailer but feel it’s time to replace them.

Searching Amazon there are tie downs that fit over the tire and strap forward and to the rear of the trailer. Amazon also sells tie downs that fit over the tire and are secured in a downward position to the side of the trailer.

On an older JL thread it was mentioned the over the tire tie downs are best and the front to back is the safer method. Has anyone experienced clearance issue with the forward straps rubbing against the bonnet?

I’m not stuck on purchasing these via Amazon so please share any US market retail stores that sell quality tie downs. I am however hoping to buy a set that can used on either vehicle.



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No 1st hand experience to share. BUT, if you want to see some, you could try Six States on Columbia Blvd. They are a dealer for Redneck Trailer Supply. Lots of “cargo control” products in stock.


Saw a Monster Miata last year at Beaches. It was red. Was that you ?

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I use the belt and suspenders approach. I have the track system in the floor which uses the over the tire ratchet straps on each wheel AND I use two 6000lb. ratchet straps up front (criss crossed) and two in the rear hooked to D-rings in the floor. Alone, it takes me about 45 minutes to strap it in but after more than 2000 miles of towing I don’t think it’s move as much as 1/100th of an inch. And yet I still stop and check on it occasionally when travelling.

There are no clearance issues with the straps other than with the radiator duct shield ($15.98 at SNG). One of the forward straps or the other can press against the lower edge of it and put a very slight bend in it. Not an issue as far as I’m concerned.

BTW, the good news is it only takes 10 minutes to unstrap it!


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Jerry, Craig, Thank you for the quick response and shared info. I’ll check out Six States this week.

Jerry, Not mine… My MM is black with tan interior and is currently in storage. I need to sort out a vibration before taking it back out on the road. Too many projects so it’s on the a back burner for now.


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I don’t have any for the E type but trailer the race car with this style

Personal theory is that over the wheel is very good for protecting modern alloys wheels and faster for operators to fit / unfit when loading many vehicles on trailers. Probably not much in it either way.

I also check straps every now and then and make the “idiot walk” around to check the jockey wheel is up, lights and breakaway cable attached etc.

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What kind of race car ?
If you’re inclined to share.

(BrendanM) #7

a little BMW 3 series, a good bit of fun with 30+ identical cars on the grid