Vendor comparisons

Who’s best? It seems like SNG Barrat is the go-to vendor, but Terry’s Jags seem to have better prices (and more manageable website), while Moss seems to have higher prices. Is there a difference in quality?

*Sorry if this has been covered a dozen times, but nothing relevant came up in a forum search.


Im quite a noobie with my 420G, but until now, I bought from several vendors…business and private (mainly on ebay and FB mk10/420G fan sites) as well. Just depends what you are for, not all is available at SNG and theres plenty of suppliers, mainly in UK… What is interesting about MOSS, they have different site offer in US than in UK and FR…

it depends of course…

sometimes I have bought the same part from 3 different vendors to see if is the same or 1 is better.
have had both results.

XKs unlimited (now moss) used to buy some parts from SNG Barratt and then double the price :wink:

the source is often cheaper than the “big” vendor

shipping from the UK to USA is often inexpensive

I buy from all of them stateside, but lately more from David Manners in UK. Even with shipping, it’s usually cheaper, and DHL delivers in 3 days.

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There is not one good or bad , it depends on the parts you are after , I do tend to look on e-bay first , manly because 9 times out of 10 it’s free post , and if you want just one thing , the post cost can be a lot more then the part .
If I can I buy original parts , if rubber is not involved , because of age , but on saying that the new rubber is just rubbish .
You need to shop around , do research , all part of the fun :+1: