Vertex Magneto for XK engine

My XK120 was raced in the 50s and it came with this vertex racing magneto. I just cleaned it up and tested it, it has a strong spark on all wires. Any information on these would be helpful. How to set them up (gap and timing). who can rebuild them if needed? I’m currently running a points distributor, would you switch to the magneto? Any advantages or disadvantages?

Still a viable solution. I have one (or three :flushed:) They can still be serviced. Still very popular in some open wheel dirt track classes where push starts are the order of the day. Very reliable. Most of them went into industrial engines in remote locations for pumps, generators, etc. Of course, in the 1950’-60’s they were extremely popular in racing circles. The great benefit is that they require no battery or electrical equipment to function. Swiss made, the tag on the side is the seller or installer.

Had mine serviced about 5 years ago at Joe Hunt Magnetos, who sold it new in the 1950’s.

@Mike_S thank you so much, I am going to try it out on my XK120 and see how it runs. If I have issues, I will send it out for a rebuild, thanks for the info on that.

Is the points gap and timing set the same as a distributor?

You can find reprint copies of the original service manual lots of places, most speed equipment vendors, Summit, Jegs, Speedway Motors, Ebay, etc. I have one. I read it once and decided to send it to an expert.

Main drawback is no vacuum advance.