VIDEO... All sorts

A bit if bodywork, boot lock and lead loading and quite a bit of the back of my head !

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Nice to see someone who knows how to do that. I’ve been using lead since '72, I was taught by an old timer.

Be sure to clean well and then neutralize the acid in the solder and flux just before paint.

A-yup: that “talent,” and $2.50’ll get me a cuppa Joe…:grimacing:

Not my Joe… :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

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Oh, sorry, I forgot… you require $6.75 cups of hipster coffee…:joy:

…only because of the Baileys content! Especially now that Mr. T has imposed a 25%Tariff (and good morning to you sir)

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What on earth is that all about? Doesn’t look like any Black Country dialect I’ve ever heard…

“A-yup:” commonly uttered in the NE of America, especially in Maine.

“Cuppa Joe:” cup of coffee.


Maine… down east.

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