VIDEO... Crankshaft balancing

Chesman Engineering very helpful today and sorted out the crank balance. Am I right in thinking the new 10" Friction plates use a stronger purple spring? As mine has some age and is not colour coded perhaps it is correct for my car?
I think I have all the bits to rebuild the engine block, so shouldn’t take long !


I thought cranks were balanced with bob weights of a percentage of rod assy. weight.

the hallowed workshop of Chesmans! its like stepping back in time. great guys. the pattern shop is another world!!

Based on what I know…yes.

1961 Factory Tour Video.

From 6:50 to 9:55 is crankshaft balancing.

Not in line sixes because they are in perfect primary and secondary balance. As long as the big ends are the same weight it doesn’t matter what percentage / balance factor you choose (including zero).

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My twins are BSA or Real Enfield Inners.

I remember a time when we didn’t necessarily use safety glasses.


The standard clutch uses springs coded yellow just in case you can find any