VIDEO...First road test

…and I didn’t have to walk home !

Ah, that diagnostic 1st-gear Moss whine!

What an amazing job, Jim!!

And yes… those teeny inside mirrors are “bloody useless!”


Congratulations on a major milestone achieved.

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Congratulations, you should be very proud.


Well done! I have followed your efforts since the beginning and it must give you great satisfaction to be at this point after all the hard work.


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Amazing job, Jim. I’ve really enjoyed all of your video’s, especially this one. Well done.

Cheers Phil.

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Great stuff Jim. "…

Congrats Jim, what a great achievement.

Congrats Jim … and like others, I have really enjoyed watching you progress along with your car.

Well done Jim. I should catch up with you in about two years…

We’re calling this the Inaugural Covid Cruise.

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Very well done Jim a great result!

To use a phrase…
Beautiful sound (get on the M5 and open’er up!!)
Had me all tingly inside watching the vid!! Love It!!
Ya Done Good!!
Charles Ch#677556

Thanks for the comments . It’s now time to chase all those niggling problems .

Hi Jim I am new to the form in the past several months , I have enjoyed your videos . congrats Jim a great achievement. My wife made you a Poem i hope you like it.

Twas the day before Halloween
and down through the street
went Big Jim in his jaguar
up high in his seat
his smile was wide
his glow was bright
as he prepared to drive
that jaguar all night
he knew he had to
hide that car away soon
to preserve if from eggs
thrown by goblins and goons
so out of sight he shifted
down the highway with care
to park in his garage
where he stands and stares


Hi Kevin
Thanks to Mrs Carlaw that is Ace , I nearly wet myself laughing !

Congratulations… love those sounds.

Is there a British/UK term for the side view mirror(s) mounted to the door window frame? I rather fancy the look, and imagine they must be more effective than the wing-mounted ones.

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Here they call them clamp on mirrors…

I had the carbs set up last week by the guy that refurbished them . It now runs sweet . Motorway blast today . I found the gearbox a joy and no need to double declutch if changing leisurely. Brakes good , pulled up quick, straight and predictable . At some high speed cruising ( I won’t say what ) the speedo was about 10% over what the sat nav said which is about the same as on modern cars . No shaking ,rattling or wandering . It drives much better than I expected . I haven’t plucked up any courage to push it hard into corners yet . Still a few jobs on the list to sort out , but very pleased.

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