Video of Jaguar factory 1961

Hi all, I came across this 10 minute video showing production of Jaguars in 1961. I thought some of you may find this interesting. Apologies if this has been seen before. I found the engine production particularly interesting.



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Here’s the full original:


…from the days when cars were cars, people spoke the Queens English, and folk took more pride in their appearance!


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Thanks David, much better with the narration!

I wonder when they stopped bench running of the engines? Must have been very time (and space) consuming,


Bench running of engines is still done today. I might confuse that with another manufacturer but they may have run them in on natural or town gas.
What must have been time consuming is the test drive! That was done throughout the 60s at least. The XJ launch booklet says they test drove them and painted them afterwards (the last days of the good old paint process). Hard to believe.
The page of the booklet: (click)

I found the part where it says ‘modest fuel consumption’ not quite up to ethical advertising! Perhaps it was back in the day?

It was made for efficiency. High bmep, heads designed for swirl (before straight port), long stroke, but horses must be fed!

Manual XJ6 get okay mileage apparently. For a twin SU, 50 year old design, although the 420 was criticized in the press for high consumption. Modest can mean a lot…

Great video. Love these old factory tours. So nice to see all thos humans employed and working the lines.

Thanks for sharing!