Video...Rear Springs and stuff

(Jim XK140 FHC) #1

I am waiting for spares at the moment , so few different jobs going on . I don’t like it , I am running out of space and I forget how things go back together . I made some pipe clips at the end of the video , I just checked the price , £12 each ($15) !. It took me about 15 mins to make that collection .

(Rob Reilly) #2

It looks like one of the leaves on the right side has been replaced by that strange channeled leaf. You can copy the left side, make a new leaf out of a saloon leaf, the taper is easy to grind.
You can arch them according to the spec in the manual by setting the top leaf on 2 blocks and jumping on it. Then doing the same to all the other leaves until they fit with the curve of the top leaf.
All those saddle clamps should have a normal nut and a thin locking nut on them.
The shackle is a bolt in a steel sleeve and it will come out with penetrating oil and heat.
The idea of the wedge is that you want the differential pinion shaft to be parallel with the gearbox shaft at normal riding height. So the wedge adjusts for that. If they are not parallel you will get vibration.

(Jim XK140 FHC) #3

I hadn’t even thought of trying to fix mine .I don’t know where I would find a suitable leaf , I don’t have the stock that you have .The good unit has bolts , the odd one has folded straps , looks like quite a professional job .It would be easy enough to convert back to bolts. I did strip a spring and reshape it many years ago . It was off a Triumph Herald. It had a single transverse spring that needed flattening for a lightweight kit car

(Roger King) #4

Personally, I’d be fitting new springs. You need to be absolutely sure that both springs are the same rate and in the same spec. These look like an unmatched pair, of unknown provenance etc. Springs and dampers should always be changed in axle pairs.
Transverse leafsprings?? That’ll be Triumph Heralds, Vauxhal Viva HA vans, and… AC Cobra 289s, front and rear. Crazy. Lift-off oversteer whilst travelling in a straight line and changing gear.