Vin No puzzle XJ6 Series 2

Vin on my just-purchased 1979 XJ6 Series 2 is JAVLN49C101207.
However, parts suppliers cannot find that no. in their system. Any ideas on why this might happen?
Need to order rack rebuild kit.
Any help appreciated.

According to my info, JAVLN49C pertains to Jaguar Series 3 4.2 for Canada\US
Series 2s still used the chassis number prefix system. Are you sure yours is a Series 2?

1979 should be a SIII car. Early SIII interiors were close to SII, so someone might have retrofitted chrome bumpers and radiator grille. The best indicator is the roofline. Roundish like SI is SII. More boxy (and often equipped with sunroof) is SIII.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Shape of tail lights is different. SII are upright oval, and do not encroach on the boot/trunk lid. SIII are wider and bleed onto the Boot/trunk lid.
Series 2
SII rear
Series 3
SIII rear

Not sure about “can’t find”. But…some parts catalogging systems won’t recognize any of the older (pre-1981) VINs

Typically, when there’s a breakpoint, just the last six digits are needed to determine which parts are correct

You can do some digging here and maybe pick up some clues. Lots of choices on rack parts on the Series II cars.

Series III production began in March 1979…as I recall. Cars built in late '78 to early '79 would be “1979” in the USA


So it could be a series 3? It’s titled as a 1979.

Here’s a pic.

That’s a Series II.

Another easy identifier is that Series III VINs started with 300001


I believe S1 and S2 cars had their chassis number stamped on the left inner guard as well as on the attached data plate. On the S3 cars, the bulkhead plate where the engine bay braces attach was made larger and assymetrical; the VIN was stamped there. Your car is clearly an S2, perhaps there was a crossover point late in S2 production; LHD 4.2 LWB cars should be prefixed 2T.5xxxxx. Where is your VIN located?

On a metal plate in the cabin at the left side of the windscreen.

Here’s your rack re-seal kit, to answer your original question.

You have a late S2, but regardless, if the parts place you inquired to is requesting a vin to verify parts, you don’t want to use them.

90% of your car is very straightforward, it’s fuel injected like a S3, cooling system bits are about the only thing that can get confusing via the parts book, but again easily solved.

So removeable? Not like the S3 shot I posted? Pic please?

Car is at the shop. I’ll put a pic later.

All good. I just looked at my XK8, it has the VIN visible through a clear part of the blacked out part of the windscreen periphery, maybe your car has a similar setup.

I am familiar with that. Mine does not have that setup. It’s hardly visible from the outside, but easy to read inside. I have not looked for other stampings etc.
Will have to go to the shop and look for them.

Here is my pic. Looks like a series 2?

It is.



Chuck Welch