Vintage license plate frame

i have this collection of plates. are they worth anything?
thanks ed

The pair of 1967 Texas plates will bring $50 to $100 plus on ebay. 1967 is a sought after year and pairs in good shape can be used on classic cars in Texas. That’s what I have on my E-Type.


Singles are just for collectors unless it’s a state that only requires a rear plate. The TX year of manufacture program requires two legible ones. I think I paid about 100 bucks for my 64s on Ebay.

No, because they are printed up side down, and backwards.


Where I come from, they’d be worth 6 months in the slammer. Selling state government property…

Interesting collection. Florida allows a YOM (single) plate to be registered as your actual plate. The first two digits indicate the county so there would be a targeted market for those.

Some states like mine allow a YOM plate for display - not actually registered to the car. I never saw a Canal Zone plate before. I might run that on my '70

What are the EL - 4290 plates that just have “U S A” embossed at the top edge?

open to offers. email me
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my wifes family traveled around when she was a kid as her father was a government employee. she believes the EL USA plates may be from morocco.

Thanks. I’d imagine if you were to do a bit of googling you could find an on line price guide. There seems to be collector organizations for practically anything and everything these days.

Dang it, you beat me to it!
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In Virginia, we have antique plates that can be issued to cars 25+ years old and vintage plates which are also for 25+years old and are for YOM. Here’s mine:

Pretty sure that is a plate issued to US military stationed in Europe, at least in Germany. The USA = United States of America not US Army.
This is the older style – it was available in only the standard US size and green, so it stood out from all the other plated vehicles on the road which wore white and the long European style plates. The US type plate was available to German collectors of US iron – no other plate would fit.

As a big step toward security of US forces, the leadership modified the plates (maybe in response to 9-11 – don’t recall timing) like the long one in the attached. This one was on my 1992 BWM 850i from 2000-2003 (I no longer have the plate that was mounted on my 72 Series III when I was in Munich in the early 80’s – damn.)

The stubby plates below were on a trailer my ex used to move her dogs to/from Schultzhund competitions/training. These were the same size/color as those issued by the German government
Note both styles have a stylized NATO emblem.

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Thanks Craig. For a while anyway I thought the army was using the abbreviation AUS (Army of the United States) to avoid confusion with the usual USA abbreviation. I don’t think they do that any more, maybe Australia objected. :smile:

my wifes family was stationed in Germany. her father was a government employee.

And be aware in Virginia, even though you bought you NOS plate from a vendor, if you leave and register it elsewhere, they want that plate back. If so not comply, you’ll incur a hefty penalty. Ask how I know. But all par for a state that tries to grab every penny they can even long after you left. :triumph::rage:

USA plate definitely Army. I had one I have since lost :frowning: Germany '66-'68, green just like that one.

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Connecticut also allows year of mfg. plates however its kind of convoluted. You get the YOM plates, take them to the DMV and they fill out a form keeping the original registered plates but stating you’re displaying the YOM plates. You must keep the real plates in the car. The police don’t know much about the law and the DMV warned me I might get stopped. I did, 3 times, one of those times was given a ticket even though I showed them the ordinance number and an article from the newspaper that explained the law. Had to get the attorney general involved to get the ticket annulled.

I also paid around $100 for the very nice pair of Texas 1968 plates that I use to register my E. If Texas is in the minority that lets you use old original plates for classic cars then they might be worth more than most. It is nice here too that you only have to pay once every 5 years for the registration sticker that goes with those plates.

68 E-type FHC

The plate was on the car when I bought it from the PO’s estate. The clerk at the DMV gave me a hard time about registering the car with that plate even though I showed him the PO’s registration. I called a supervisor over and he straightened the clerk out. One nice thing about registering in Virginia as an antique or vintage, there is a one time fee of $40 and you’re good for as long as you own the car. Plus, no annual inspection hassle although there is legislative discussion about eliminating the annual inspection.