Virginia, USA XKE Expert

In search of an XKE expert in SE Virginia USA. I’m no longer able to maintain my '69 XKE 4.2—arthritic hands—and need some help. Also considering the sale of my old ride, which is in fair to good condition.

Who knows a guy who knows a guy?

What part of Virginia?

Just a guess, mind you but – the SE part of Virginia




If you know of an XKE expert in southeast Virginia, and/or the southeast “part” of Virginia, I’d appreciate contact info.

Best, TD

I don’t know if you belong to JCNA but our SE region rep is Ron Gaertner, who lives in the Richmond area. He would be likely to know who has a good reputation in the general VA area. His official JCNA email is You can mention my name. Every year we discuss the futility of me finding any deductions on the 100 point cars he brings to our concours.

I recommend that you log onto the Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) website, find the club nearest to you, and check out their website and newsletter for shops local to you. Alternatively you can look on the local club’s website for club officer contact info and contact them for recommendations.


I’ll be moving out to Annapolis in spring, to be closer to my new grandson, so would be able to help with your car. Not sure how close we would be, but probably not that far…

Let me know

Many thanks, Bob. I’m south of Annapolis in Virginia Beach—about a 4-5 hour drive. I hope your move goes smoothly!

That depends on what kind of a mood I 95 is in. :wink: