Virtual car show today! What did you bring?

IIRC–and it’s been almost 30 years since I laid eyes upon one-- the lenses and escutcheons are the same.


1962 Chrysler 300H once owned by Commander Benjamin Austin kia Vietnam Dec 1966 on his first mission in an F4. A Korean War Skyraider veteran.

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Good to see it out in the sunshine!


How’s about “in progress”?

Restoration/rebuild of all major components done. Now in assembly mode. Status as of today:

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I think they are larger on the Royce than on my 150.

When’s first run? Video!!!

I am aware of at least 4 sizes or fender angles.

  1. SS, Mark IV, Mark V and very early 120 FHC (maybe 50 cars or so) - higher on the fender with a rib
  2. Later FHC and all later OTS, all DHC, 140, 150 - lower and more forward than #1
  3. Small Mark saloons (not sure if Mark VII, VIII and IX are the same or yet another size) - smaller diameter light
  4. Daimler (taller and gawkier looking)
    additions and corrections welcome

A little ahead of Nick on the drive train reassembly, but WAY behind on the body work

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This summer … I hope. Video? Definitely.

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Yabbut, with a milk crate and a piece of string, you can DRIVE yers around the block!

I’m jealous of both of you.

Not only virtual here but pictured at the Atlanta International Auto Show.


Oooooh.SNAP. My favorite body style.

I DEFINITELY need a bigger garage.

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Here is my 1953 fhc after a 4 year restoration. All work done by me except chrome, engine machine work and wood veneer.


I have to confess I don’t have my 1968 Iso Grifo 7 Litre any longer. I sold it three years ago, having owned it for almost 30 years. Here it is, anyway.


Wow. Any more photos?


Any seller’s regret?

A couple of months after a local man I know sold his E-type coupe I dropped by in my OTS. When he saw the car in his driveway he very nearly broke down in tears. Seller’s regret writ large.

Bodywork’s done but it looks like you’re more than a little ahead of me mechanically, Rob … as in you’ve actually got it running. Looks like a pretty cool setup. Last time my engine was fired up, far as I know from the two previous owners, was 54 years ago. I’ve yet to determine if the original radiator is functional - suspect not. Still lots to do, but it’s looking like I’ve got a little more home time on my hands than I’d planned.