Virtual car show today! What did you bring?

Hehe: I was doing a LOTTTA rallyes, back then: I had a generator specially built by my local shop, that was 60 amps: the Cibie Oscars killed the stock 35-amp one.

I went to a movie, one night, and came out to a light bar-less Rover…:confounded:

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I had to google what a Jackalope was… That really led me down a rabbit hole :slight_smile: when it sent me to the Wolpertinger page…

I’ll bring along my old BSA. There’s always a bike display off to the side of any good car show!

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All over, in these parts, especially Wyoming.


The UK traffic police used P6s extensively in the UK in the seventies, all 3500 V8s with performance modifications, in police blue or ‘jam sandwich’ colours. Many had light bars, but not quite as spectacular as yours…



This was the fuzz of my teenage years

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I’ve got a couple of V8 P6s that will soon be going to the crusher.

Can’t give them away, over here.

NO! Such a shame. They’re quite desirable over here, even if only for the engines.

Uh, I can assure you, a Rover did NOT seem to be much of a “crumpet catcher!”

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In France before the lockdown

Is that a Traction Avant, behind the 140?

1951 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith Park Ward Saloon

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Yes Paul it is, we were touring with friends who own it. In fact they kindly carried my roof as it impacts on my drivers seat , can’t fit it properly in fold up position without moving seats forward even though I have bucket seats. Legs too long!
The Traction Avant is a fairly rare RHD Slough built version which has leather upholstery and a wooden dash. If fairly romps along and is a very comfortable drive.

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Wicker. I saw one quite a long time ago. The owner wisely had stanchions and ropes and huge Don’t Touch signs all around it.

Looking at those fender lights, you have to wonder if they’re the same stampings we used. There would be little reason to make new dies.

IIRC–and it’s been almost 30 years since I laid eyes upon one-- the lenses and escutcheons are the same.


1962 Chrysler 300H once owned by Commander Benjamin Austin kia Vietnam Dec 1966 on his first mission in an F4. A Korean War Skyraider veteran.

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Good to see it out in the sunshine!