Virtual car show today! What did you bring?


That’s a beauty and a credit to you.

I just started on my 120 and hope I’ll have a result like that.



Noooooo likee…:confounded:

i like this one, Delahay!



Nothing else on the planet looks like pre war French luxury cars. It’s like the French were doing Buck Rodgers when the rest of the world was doing Legos.


Dunno: Tatras were tres’ cool!

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found these on a backwoods road, waited for a month or so, when back they gone!
spoke to house there , he said , guy came by and bought 2 VW bettles, and VW bus , and that funny looking other one, he gave me $100, dollars for the bunch!
glad they gone!

OK back to business,Any one for a BEER?


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American Honey for me, please!

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Yea, well. They had style.

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Bet they buyer knew exactly what the Frogface’s bonnet was worth!

Forgot about them. On the other hand, I’ve never actually seen one in person, either.

They are really quite ingenious, and one of the few V8s I’d ever consider owning.

NAH! gimme a nice simple GM LS series any time!

Really cool up close. Have only seen two.
This one on the freeway from Henderson to Vegas. Followed for a while hoping he would stop.

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Not positive, but think that’s a Bugatti. It has the riveted external body seam fin across the roof and hood centerline, and the chrome “whiskers” down the sides of the cowl were a feature Bugatti used. Delahaye didn’t do that roof fin, and they used a wide sweeping curve line down the cowl and door line.

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…but you need coolant and a radiator for one of those! Not in the Tatra…
I know a couple of chaps with Tatras over here. Very interesting cars, but not the simplest to keep going. They were made right up to 1996, and still with a rear-mounted air-cooled V8:

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Modern special paying homage to the Bugatti Atlantic. The original Atlantic (only 4 built) had a V windscreen, among a number of other differences to this car pictured.

Bugatti built by Delah… well, here:

New tribute

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Aha!!! I completely missed the spit windshield bit!

I now stand corrected!

That is utterly horrible. Why?