Visiting the UK. Saw new R-Dynamic

Wow. Saw this new 2020 R-Dynamic in a new Silicon Silver color at the Canterbury dealer here in the UK. Jaw dropping gorgeous! Checkout the picture here

Ok. so cannot post a link to the photo. This is really frustratiing! :angry: :angry: Is this site so sensitive to crosslinking? I can’t believe I have to cypher the location of the photo I posted. Go to the website jaguar pix dot com/photo/51186

They were asking 71k Sterling but if financed with incentives it would come down to about 65. The agent said they just dont sell. He said the F-Pace is keeping them afloat. :frowning:
Talked about depreciation and he said its because they want to move more cars every year thus reducing the price to move them faster. There should be a campaign to keep the values up somehow.

That seems consistent with earlier conversations, about this style of Jaguar: beautiful, yes, but it’s not what millennials want.

Would love to see some plan to have these great cars retain their values like a Porsche does.