Voltage drop over battery earth cable (that looks like new)

Hi all,

I had some electrical problems. The voltage at the input of my OBD reader indicated under 11 V when all lights and blower were on, so I thought the battery was dying on me.

Then I realized it could also be a corroded earth cable that connects the battery to the chassis. So I opened the boot to find the cable looked absolutely new. Still I decided to measure the voltage drop over the cable… more than 0,6 V…! What?!

So I gave the cable a pull to see if it’s loose: it was not loose at all but it was hot!

I removed the cable, gave the connecors a good clean and put it back. Everything back to normal. No electrical problems any more.

I read all over the internet about how sensitive our cars are for a reduced battery capacity: maybe it’s not the battery but the earth cable that’s causing the problems.
Check the voltage drop over your cable…!