Voltage Regulator: Troubleshooting

Just had my distributor rebuilt because it seized. Got it back…installed it…and it is not charging anything. I believe the car is running off the battery because there is a slight movement to the right (D) on the instrument panel gauge…and “ticks” back and forth when I turn on a turn signal…and the needle really moves to the right when I turn on the lights.

So before I send this alternator back to the good folks that rebuilt it, their advice was to check all the leads ( done ) and check the voltage regulator.

I’m great with mechanical stuff, but not electrical. How do you check to see if the voltage regulator is OK ?


’ 65 XKE 4.2L OTS

Try this: Jaguar E-Type Alternator Wiring Explained

There is a link at the end to page 2, and at the end of that is a link to a Troubleshooting section. If you are not familiar with how it should work, it’s worth reading the first 2 pages, rather than skipping to the Troubleshooting section - it will make more sense that way. Good luck!

Another resource is this Lucas Manual:

Pages 34 & 35 cover testing the 4TR.

Thank you for this info !

Thank you, sir…much appreciated

I’ve posted this link before. It’s a fantastic resource when trying to diagnose electrical problems.

Electrical troubleshooting resource - E-Type - Jag-lovers Forums (jag-lovers.com)