Volunteers wanted!

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No programming skills needed, but it does help if you’re familiar with word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, or the WordPress publishing software we use for the main web site. What we need is volunteers who can help move content over from the old web site (www.jag-lovers.org) to the new web site. We’ve already moved…

I’ll volunteer. (filler to up character count).

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Hi Gunnar,

I am located in Belgium as I have a little bit of spare time I could help you with the migration of the old site to
the new one. Just wanted to clarify also that English is only my 3d language (after French and Dutch) not sure that would be a problem and I have no experience with WordPress but, as a former IT guy, I have some experience with MS Word.

Today I own two Jags (an XK150 FHC and a XJ-S 5.3 Convertible) and am always interested in these type of forums.


Hi Jag-Lovers,

I can help with moving data to the new site … do not hesitate to ask.

Congratulations on the new website and also THANKS for this hard work !

Best Regards,

Alain L.P. Frauchiger

I will volunteer for this.

I’m very comfortable with MS Word, not so much with WordPress.

Hi, I am a retired it/is manager (based in N Ireland) and have been doing websites so can help out as required.

Thanks, everyone! Things are quiet right now, because we’re traveling and/or spending time with our families over the summer, but we’ll soon swing back into action. When we do, we’ll reach out and get you started moving content over.

Thanks again, you’ll hear from us soon!


I can help move data over too. Let me know once you get back form Summer holidays.

HI, I may also be able to help copy and pasting… Best Wishes.Art…

At the very least I would be happy to move my own Photo Albums over to the new site if you can teach me how.



Hello Gunnar,

New to the forum and really appreciate all you are doing. I am launching a web development practice and need some pro bono practice and experience. We have owned a 1991 Jaguar XJS Classic for a year. Your site is great!

I’d like to help…


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If you still need assistance I am available.

Je serai heureux de participer au transfert du site

Hi there,
If it is still needed I’ll volunteer too.

Thanks to everyone that has volunteered. It’s taken a lot longer than I’d hoped for to get started, so it’s good to know there are some of you willing to aid in what I hope will be the final push in getting the site transferred from old to new.

As Gunnar mentioned at the top of the thread, the task is as follows:

"What we need is volunteers who can help move content over from the old web site (www.jag-lovers.org) to the new web site. We’ve already moved the forums and are in the process of moving the Photo Albums, but what’s still needed is to move the “static” pages such as the model-specific information pages, the eBooks and so on.

The process will be mostly copy and paste, no need to worry about programming, design or colors. Just copy the text from the old page, and paste it into an editing window. Then download any pictures that are part of the page (not headers, menus, buttons, and that sort of thing, just the actual content) and place them correctly in the editing window."

I’ll message everyone to start a private group, then we’ll take it from there. If anyone else wants to lend a hand, let me know, many hands make light work.

Chief Admin

Hi I am a new member but am willing to help with this task. I am retired with an interest in my car (S-Type) and also computer literate. The main thing is I am retired so have some time to spare at the moment.
If you still need a hand I will be pleased to hear from you. Please use my email, which you have.

Looks like you have a lot of volunteers ! I would gladly help and being retired I can devote a lot of time.

What ever happened to this project?

I just saw this thread.
Any help needed ?
I’ll help out … Ole

Ahem. Would you believe we’re still working on it? :wink:

Sorry about the delay, things have been a little too busy for all involved. @Nick will pick up the thread on this one Real Soon Now™.


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