Vorloufer SA in liquidation

I got a note from Barbara there, that the business is in voluntary liquidation due to Covid effects and Wally being quite ill.
I received the notice because I have a large outstanding order with them for a batch of SS100 bits and pieces that I have paid 50% toward. Wally called me 6 weeks ago to say they were almost ready to ship after many delays.
Now I have to wait for the liquidator to get involved to find out if I can get “my” parts shipped. Vorloufer has had many small parts reproduced that are difficult to find.
Stay tuned for updates. Dave

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That explains why they did not reply to any emails nor could I get anybody to answer the phone in the last few weeks. Does anybody have an idea where to get an SS100 chassis in either New Zealand or Australia or original drawings for one, please? Cheers Gerhard

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Try Finch Restorations at Mt Barker in South Australia.

I’ve forwarded your request to Ed Nantes.

Thank you, Brenton. Yes, I have been in touch with them before and can see on facebook that a lady
employee has developed a cad-drawing for an SS100 chassis. Not sure if that can be of any help to me.
Cheers Gerhard

Hi Wiggles.
Had to google Ed Nantes, to be honest, but thanks anyway.
Cheers Gerhard