Vredestein Sprint Classic handling

i have 185/15 Sprint Classics on my 63 ots. when going thru a tight corner and letting off the throttle halfway thru the corner, the front in really tucks in(oversteers). quite unsettling. like the car beomes darty.
tire pressures at 32 all around.
anybody else notice this?
ps i also have those tires on my 69 ots but havent yet checked the handling under those conditions.

If, indeed what you’re experiencing is oversteer, raise the pressure in the rears a few pounds, then see if that doesn’t help. If it does, but not enough, then drop the pressure in the front about a pound or two.

I told my doctor it hurts when I do this. He said well don’t do that.

Drop throttle oversteer is common for many rwd cars. You can try a little more understeer in how your car is balanced (tire pressures ect) or adjust your driving.


should i get a 4 wheel alignment ?

Check all 4 cambers with a builders level. Shouldn’t be an issue but who knows.

You certainly want all four corners set properly.

I agree with Tom.

All of my Jags do this.

Personally I see this as a safety feature; if you start to understeer, then coming off the throttle or a judicious bit of left foot braking pushes the front down and the tyres bite better.