VVT Timing V8 4.0 1999

(Bert Brink) #1

Does anyone know (or where to find the info) at what RPM the VVT in the V-8 4.0 1999 is switched on and at what RPM is switched of?
As I understood that’s all what VVT does in the early 4.0 V-8.
Made a V-8 4.0 stand-alone to use in some other project.
No computer (ecu) used, just a simple home made ignition and a carburettor. Later LPG, even more simple!
Thanks for the help!

(Jeff) #2

There wasn’t a specific engine speed that they changed state at, it was controlled by the PCM according to conditions.

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(motorcarman) #3

For what it is worth, the Ford 3.9 liter LS and Thunderbird use a version of this engine without VVT.

Usually a VVT engine will not need an EGR valve do to valve overlap functions controlled by the Engine Module.