Waking from an extended slumber

Hi, I wonder if anyone can give me a little advice. My '93 facelift 4.0 (AJ6) XJS has had an extended slumber a little over 12 months but - with the weather hopefully due to improve - it is time to get her running, through an MOT, and back out onto the road.

After such a long period of not running, just attempting a start seems like a bad idea to me - I’d like to at least try to build some oil pressure first. I’m assuming that with a couple of pulled fuses/relays I should be able to disable the fuel pump/injection/ignition to I can crank on the starter motor, build a little pressure, then reverse the process and go for a start. Would appreciate your thoughts or if someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You just have to disable the fuel pump.
A little oil in the cylinders through the spark plugs before turning the engine will help.
While you have the spark plugs out give the engine a good run with the starter.
You should also drain your gas, or at least put some fresh gas in there.

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Just jump to the red/white on the starter relay. should crank but not pump or fire.

A squirt f ATF or similar in the spark plug holes is good. Impractical on the V12!!

But, some light oil misted via the intake while cranking is the next best.

Get rids of the old as in the tank. Feed the injectors nice fresh fuel whren ready to start.


Engine fogging oil is intended for use when you first put the car to bed, but it’d still probably work well here.

Yeah, the thought of rings and pistons scratching across dry or even slightly rusted cylinder walls is something akin the screech of chalk on a black board…

And, ofcourse, change the oil and filter…

One long-term solution for cars that are not daily drivers is to add a pre-oiler. Accusump is quite popular and there are electrical versions as well.