Walkinshaw one-off V12

Came across this article about a V12 built for TW in a DB7. Interesting read, wonder what they used for the heads.

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Wasn’t Ford developing a V12 for the Aston Martin around that time? It wasn’t Jaguar-based, it was based on Ford’s V6 I think.

Aston Martin ultimately put a 5.9l v12 into the DB7 for production (named the Vantage.) This was developed by Cosworth from Ford Duratec 3.0 v6 components.


Maybe it was the Ford design. The article doesnt say it was a AM. It said it was TW developed Jag V12. Also mentions that the AM V12 was still in delvelopment.

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I found a photo of the engine:

Wow! That is one tiiiiight engine bay.

There’s not much in there that’s Jaguar. Maybe the block, although clearly heavily modified.