Walnut Dash repair

Anyone have any knowledge on how to repair the walnut dash veneer where the plastic has separated and broken off?

There is only one solution Robert, and unfortunately not an easy one.
Remove the dash, strip and re-varnish, and with many many coats…
And then you will discover that you need to do the same to all the rest of the wood because the new varnish will be nice and clear but the old varnish has turned yellow.





Thank you. The varnish on a lot of the other wood isn’t cracked yet. Will it separate OK?
I was thinking about polyurethane. But varnish may work best.

If Are you missing pieces …I had a chip in one on my console and took a little piece from another spare and cut and fit it in…hardly noticeable. …there may be complete new pieces available

Paint stripper and patience will do it.
You have to be very careful not to damage the veneer, it’s quite thin.
If you want it to last you should use UV resistant polyurethane.
I did mine some ten years ago and still looks like new.


It’s interesting how the cracks in the old varnish became part of the pattern in the lovely refinished piece.

Dont mess with it.