Want To Buy a Generator

My 1963 FHC car in boxes is missing a lot of things. One of them is a generator, also known as a dynamo. Yes, I know that one can buy alternator substitutes and alternators disguised to look like generators, but to be historically accurate, I want to go back with a generator. If anyone has a generator laying around that they would like to sell, please contact me. I will probably get it rebuilt regardless of condition, so condition is not that important to me. That said, if there are fatal failures that can occur that would defy rebuilding, that can be identified with a test meter, input in that regard would be appreciated.

The part number would appear to be C18286 although I suspect that C16054 would also work.


I have a spare off of one of parts Rovers: same genny. Yours for the shipping.

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Thanks Wiggles. PM sent.

I think the number actually stamped on the unit is 22902 Model C42. The earlier cars used C45. A 63 would be C42 though. There are several iterations of C42. I think they have different power ratings. The ones from the AH 3000 are compatible but have a different part number stamped, 22900.

I have a scan of an original Lucas electric parts catalogue that has proven helpful for locating spares for mine if you’d like a copy. They’re getting increasingly un-fun to try and maintain because there is so little supply left. Other than brushes, and bushings nothing is stocked, not even bearings. If I drove mine enough I’d have ditched mine years ago.

This is an extract from the Remax (replacement Lucas parts) catalogue which details the vehicles the C42 was fitted to:

As Erica says, the original Lucas would have been stamped C42 and 22902A or B.
This is the parts list with Lucas numbers if you are searching for spares:

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Yep: Rover’s is the same.

Wow, with that many cars that they were supplied to, I would think the world would be awash in C42 generators :slight_smile:

So it sounds like Paul’s C42 would be a correct unit. I guess my question now is, can anybody recommend a rebuilding service firm that might be able to handle this vintage stuff? Or maybe I’ll get lucky and all it needs is cleaning and paint, which I can do myself.

Harvey, Just 6 months ago, I used Southern Auto Electric (404) 361-3283, just outside of Atlanta. My armature was total shot and they were able to locate a new replacement (which was a small miracle). Great guys, quick turnaround. Jeff S

Jeff, thanks for the lead. Sounds promising.

You may want to consider buying from these guys: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1962-1964-XKE-3-8-SIE-LUCAS-JAGUAR-E-TYPE-GENERATOR-C42-22902-22900-DYNAMO/264683089281?epid=11010613348&hash=item3da0576d81:g:IOIAAOSwdnZaH4O~

They say they have C42 22902 refurbished with various dates. The eBay one is dated 1964. You will need to send in the one you get from Paul to get a partial core deposit.

They do good work. I’ve purchased several things from them over the years. It’s East Coast Jaguar in DE

Also make sure you have the correct mounting bracket for the C42.

The earlier C45 dynamo is bigger and uses a different bracket.

I love this forum! Thanks for all the good info.