Wanted: 14" steel wheel for Jaguar Mark X

I would like to buy at least one (but possibly a pair) of 14" steel Jaguar wheels for the Mark X. Color is no issue to me. I am fairly flexible on condition–not rusted out please–but some surface rust/missing paint is just fine with me.

Price: What is your asking price (plus shipping)? I would like the wheel(s) shipped to me in Virginia.

Contact information: Please contact me here and we can sort details in a private message or by email.


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Crazy the Mark ten only had 14” wheels!

I know! I don’t understand why Jaguar put their smallest wheels on their biggest car!

personally i would not use those wheels again as they seem to be weak in the hub area. the 15 ich wheels actually work better and help with spring settling and yire profile reduction. i got my first after its right front wheel failed and detached. look for distortion or cracking around lug nuts.

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I am thinking to upgrading mine to 15” wire Dayton’s

JLo- you have a Mk X too? Haven’t seen it! I have in moldering away in the hard, mostly serving as a wasps nest. -John

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Yeah John only recently. Ironically, after I replied to your comment on this post lol. Not sure what I’m going to do with her. All 3 carbs rebuilt. Cooling system gone through. Runs and drives. No rust. Interior amazing. My god such comfortable beasts.

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imo 15" chromed S1 XJ6 wheels look very good, and with 205/65/15 tyres the rolling circumferance is within a few %, and relatively common and inexpensive tyre

The original 14" tyres are around 80% profile, and they are expensive…imo again, the 15" wheel/tyre sizing looks better

unfortunately good chromed XJ wheels are hard to find, many MKX/420G run 15"

I run S2 XJ with S3 SS trim and chromed hubcaps. My 14" wheels are rusty

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I agree, and have seen the XJ6 ser1 wheels looks stunning. I think mine may have to stay as original since it’s already in such nice condition.

Your car is really gorgeous! A survivor or previously restored to some extent you think?

I got a heck of a deal on mine but boy it’s a bit rough–but that was the idea ha! Give me something to stay busy with for the next who knows how many months of stay home!

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I think the most valuable ones are original unmolested

Certainly Nett value, as they cost more to restore than they are worth, 30 or $50k resto would not be unexpected, and that is for one that required minimal rust repair

the 14" rim embellishers get a bit tatty, and can be hard to come by

think you said you had a good interior which is a huge bonus

my strongest suggestion is to ensure your brake system has had maintenance in the last 20yrs