Wanted: 1968 e-type S1.5 LHD 7" Lucas headlamp

I have 2 different headlamps on my '68 OTS, a Lucas, and a “T-3”. I would like to find a match for the Lucas:

It has the number ‘2’ at the top of the glass. It has the number 10131 (in much smaller font) embossed on the inside of the glass near the outer edge, around 2 o’clock, and has the letter/numbers S13 410 below “SEALED BEAM”, above MADE IN ENGLAND.

I do not know the meaning of any of these numbers, so I don’t know if an identical match is absurd to hope for. At least one other member also has the, ‘10131’, number. And S13 seems very common.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or offers.


Hi Ed,

I have one exactly like you describe except that below the “SEALED BEAM” it has S13 152.
Let me know if that’s of any interest to you.


Also, on the back of the lamp, it says:

12V 50/40W

Awesome Craig, thank you, I am very interested. Let me go out to the car tomorrow and figure out how to get at the back of mine and confirm that the one I have is also a L-H DRIVE lamp. My car is certainly a US LHD car.

With all the Jaguar knowledge on this forum, I am surprised that nobody has been able to comment about the meaning of the, “S13 xxx” numbers. I posted a question about my headlamp in the e-type forum, but no information so far about those numbers. I did learn that LHD and RHD headlamps are different…


I will definitely get back to you tomorrow, thanks very much for the reply!

Ed Baumann


I’m no expert on these Lucas headlights, but FWIW my understanding speaking to a highly knowledgeable originalist and stickler for such originality details is that your Lucas headlight has the key original markings that you’d want: the “2” at the top and the “SEALED BEAM” and “MADE IN ENGLAND” at the bottom. I have two sets that have those markings. Mine also have the “10131” at 2 o’clock like yours, though I’ve been assured that it and those “other numbers” you mentioned are inconsequential (they meant something to Lucas but not to the layman).

I hope that this might be of some use to you.

Thanks Guido, that is very helpful, I am reaching out to Craig to work out a deal.

I appreciate your help.


I have an original Lucas lamp. I’m not particular to what I put on my car as it’s just a driver.

Thanks for the offer Tim, but Craig already helped me.