Wanted - 54 XK120 brake reservoir Tube Fitting, Flare Nut

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Description: XK 120 dual braking system reservoir requires 3/8” tube fitting nut with 20 TPI

I need two nuts

Asking price (if selling):

Location: South Carolina

Contact information:

Neil skipper
(803) 729-3161

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Willing to ship worldwide?

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Are you sure about 20TPI? Otherwise, this one fits the bill:


Unfortunately I am positive. I have purchased locally a nut 18 TPI and it does not work. Research tells me 20 TPI

I have done quite a bit of metal tubing with compression fittings.
My shop has a drawer with two different 3/8 fittings.
I would need to measure the threads and get back to you.
Where are you located?
Steve @ 65O 455 IIIO

I may have two, I’ll look after lunch.

Tim, thank you very much. I have talked to Moss Motors, Welsh. Barrett, no one seems to have the correct flared tube nut. Thanks for help.


Ok, I have some fittings left over from a Xk120.

Tim, please let me know how much I may purchase and postage to:

Neil Skipper
19 Hunters point drive
Lugoff, SC 29078

And thank you, now I cans get the brakes working and get her on the road. I always say, if can’t stop it don’t start it :blush:

I’ll look shortly. It’s been a busy weekend.

My motto is don’t pick up anything unless I know where it’s going.

Make me an offer on the one nut. I’m certain I have a second one.

Is the flange nut the same as the MK7, which has a single reservoir ?

I cant recall whether the Black metal can, or the glass reservoir feed the clutch/brake

If so, and one cannot be located, I will have one.

If it is “unwanted” :smiling_face_with_tear: I shall not cast it away, but save it for some future XK owner, if its scarce

Tim, thank you for finding two brake reservoir nuts. Would you take $10 each plus postage of course?


I changed my mind, will be doing another direction. Thank you.

You sure? I just found the second fitting. I have no use, so will likely toss them.