Wanted A/C bracket as "Russ, David, and John" did 5yo can we copy fab and reward

I have wanted for 5 years now…the a/c bracket for a Sanden compressor that Russ did and David did and John did…any fabricators
Anyone want to Fabricate this?..so I can just buy it and insall…can we do a group buy?
To be frank…fabricating takes a lot of time…copying it is a lot less…
ps…search Nostalgic Air…this excellent thread started by Russ-Hulting on June/2018…
to be honest…I am no fabricator…but I can install…“till the crows come home” and spend money…that too

I have a machinist in Glendale who made a few brackets for me. If you have the specs and give him good instructions he is good. I will PM you his number tomorrow.

Thank you Eric…tho I do not have a template…but could use, at times. a good fabricator…

If you look at threads on aircondioning …… you will find sketch of a bracket that I made and used …for 4.2 using sanden and Suzuki alternator

Are you trying to adapt a Sanden to the big “L” shaped bracket the Series II cars used to mount the alternator and AC compressor?

If you are looking to mount a Sanden compressor onto the Series 2 A/C compressor and alternator bracket, you only need one plate of 3/16" or 1/4" steel, along with two mounting ‘ears’ for a Sanden compressor that you can purchase from Nostalgic AC (2 2401 Weld On Ears for Compressor Bracket Fabrication $16.79).

With a MIG welder, drill press and cut off tool, it is a simple matter to fabricate this bracket that will bolt onto the existing Series 2 bracket. I then powder coated the one I fabricated. I’ll include the rough sketch I used to fabricate this and some pictures with the Sanden unit mounted.

Two 7/16" bolts hold the new bracket to the old bracket. The small bracket used to mount the York compressor is not used. Position fore/aft to align the V belt is by the mounting bolts with enlarged holes, V belt tension is by the tensioner. It took a while to find the right belt that fit correctly- you won’t be able to use the prior belt.

No permanent changes to the existing bracket, easily returned to original if you wish.

I tried one of the pre-fab brackets offered for the Sanden compressor, but it was not right, and the ones with the adjustable ears are useless and will likely place the compressor too high for the bonnet.

Sanden AC adapter to Jaguar XKE mount.pdf (29.2 KB)

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I am trying…wanting for someone who has already fabricated a bracket that will hold the commonly used Sanden A/C compressor to the side of the block…bolt up to the block
And of course pay for it

For which series and if Series II do you have the factory bracket for the Tecumseh compressor? As per Charleton’s post above there is a commercial bracket that adapts the Sanden compressor to the stock Series II compressor/alternator mounting bracket.

Charlton and John,
Series 2…and yes I have a complete original E system…so to answer John…I HAVE the factory bracket…
GREAT…where do you buy this commercial bracket? and a part # or what is this commercial bracket called.
Thank you guys

Probable buy 3…as I need one for myself and also working on this for Micheal…also back in 2018 when Russ reported on his…I bought all the necessary parts Sanden, condensor…all of it…

I purchased one of the adaptor brackets for the Sanden and the Series 2 AC bracket and found I could not get it to fit right, something was off but I don’t remember what right now. That is why I fabricated my own adapter bracket.
I think I still have that bracket that did not fit, and if I still have it, you are welcome to it for postage cost. You may be able to get it to fit right.

Thank you…are you in Phoenix?..by chance

No, across the country in NC. PM me if you want that bracket.

Google “Tecumseh to Sanden compressor bracket” ande you’ll get a ton of hits. Like this one:


As you can see it’s a simple part that can be easily fabricated. Easy being a relative term, of course.

Thanks John…still looking for someone to fabricate some a/c brackets for us.

So far I need 3

Anybody else