Wanted Adaptor plate

Hoping someone can help. Iā€™m chasing for our 1977 XJS an adaptor plate for a Chevy 350 to fit a jag th400.
Thanks :pray:

Hi Jayne, I am assuming this is for an XJS that has been lumped (or going to be) so have moved it to the Lumps Forum.
And welcome to the forums.

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Three known suppliers of Chevvy to jaguar kits.

Une wil not sell any part of his kit. only the entire kit. It is agood one, though.

The other tewo just might.

  1. jaguar-specialties. San Jose, Ca.

suncost. Punta gordo fla.

and just maybe.

David boger everydayXJ. in the Carolina area. he parts old jaguars, some probably had the partr