Wanted - All-synchro Gearbox

Wanted, with or without bell housing: all-synchro gearbox with overdrive.

I think this means a box with prefix JCN for saloon cars or EJ for E-Types. I have no preference.

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Hi Ray

What car are you using it in? I have a few but want to make sure it will fit your application


The project is to put a Series 1 XJ6 engine into a 100/6 Austin Healey.

The dimensions of the running gear of the Healey are almost identical to those of the Jaguar, so it is a relatively straight forward swap.

I am using an XJ6 engine because the engine mounts are within 1 inch of those of the Healey. Which means no modification to the frame or bodywork of the Healey.

The rear location of the gearbox is not critical. The overall length of the Healey box to the drive flange is 31 1/2 inches. The length of the box and OD unit only is 22 1/2 inches. So, something to approximate to that length will work, although shorter is preferred to longer.

Ray Forsyth.

Would you be interested in a Getrag 5 speed ?


I have not considered a 5 speed at this stage. Mainly because the prices I see for Getrag boxes are more than I want to spend, and I am not sure whether I need a non-Jag bell-housing or not.

Perhaps you can help me understand what the conversion entails.

Ray F.

Many, MANY threads about it.

I have a take out power train from a series I XJ6 with an original 4 speed overdrive. I’ll get you some photos as I think this is the perfect match.

Thanks, Dan.

Sounds like it’s what I am looking for.

I look fwd to seeing the pics. Also more info please on the history of the box and your assessment of its condition.

Ray F.

My Getrag has a Jaguar bell housing on it.