Wanted: BD32359 Series 1.5 Door recess chrome

I have looked everywhere for this BD32359 Series 1.5 only left side only chrome door handle surround. Do you have one or do you know where I might find one? It is the mirror image of this one:


Asking price (if selling):


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if you haven’t found you part let me know .I should have one .

Yes, I am still looking for one.

Stephen- have you had an opportunity to see if you have one of these driver’s side chrome door pieces? If you have one let me know what you want for it with shipping to the Denver area. Thanks!

Be aware the door recess and its chrome trim changed sometime during S1.5 production - that is, the recess became longer.

Thanks Nick. I am aware of that- that’s why I am having issues finding the short version, it was only on a handful of months of production. The long version continued into the Series 2 cars. Maybe I’ll measure my right hand one and add that to the description for clarification.

The door cove finishers are steel. You could cut down and tig weld a later cove finisher. You’d have to have it stripped and rechromed, so it would be a fairly pricey proposition.

This is my current “solution”. Temporary until I find the correct part. Definitely a kludge but better than nothing.

Looks not bad, actually.

Depending how much an adventurist you are, you can carefully strip the plating off that part with a sulphuric acid solution, a chunk of lead and a 12 volt battery, then tig weld it together, grind, sand and buff and send it off to the platers …. an eyewateringly time consuming and expensive process.

Something will show up, now that people know you’re looking :sunglasses: that’s one of the dividends of this site.

i’m going to take a picture of both of these and let you pick .Its $25.00 and freight .Give me a email or number ,so I can send you pic’s

dbanning@earthlink.net Please place them next to a ruler so I can see the size. Thanks!