Wanted Good used DRY steering rack for 1985 XJ6 or XJS with the 14 mm tie rodsmm tie rods

(Im Looking for a good used DRY steering rack for 85 XJ6 or XJS with the 14 mm Tie rods. or if you know of someone selling reasonable priced racks . Have had my fill of dealing with 2 separate companies who took my money and held onto my rack for a month each before telling me they couldnt rebuild it because they didn’t have the parts.

I’;m in West Texas

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I have one from an 86 XJ6 if you are interested.

Hi Stephen, thanks for the response.

What condition is it in, What do you want for it, and where are you located?

Thanks, Dennis

It has about 80,000 miles on it. The car steered fine when I removed the FSU. I bought the car for parts for a restoration I was doing. It is on the FSU sitting in one of my garages. Has been there for years. I am located at 15025 just south of Pittsburgh, PA. Make me an offer. I’d rather see it go to someone that will use it as opposed to taking up space in my garage.

Do you still have interest in the steering rack ? If not please let me know so that i may delete the communications.

No, I finally found a company that had a rebuilt rack. Thank you for the offer, though.

Thank you for getting back to me.