Wanted HD Carburetor Parts

Description: Wanted HD carburetor cam heal and rod as pictured. I borrowed picture for reference.
Converting my mk2 carbs to manual choke like an E-type to eliminate the starting carburetor.
Thank you!

Asking price (if selling):

Location: USA west of Chicago

Contact information: Private message

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide?

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@Jeff_Schroeder, any of this lying about in Yore Magickal Pile?

If you don’t find them through your ad, try giving these guys a ring:

I do not, sorry! My HD wares are extinct.

Easily sourced though:

I’ve had bad dealings with them. Thank for the info.

I have a set of carbs on an engine. I will sell you the manifold with the carbs. I don’t want to break it.

Message me details.

Bad dealings with Royze? Just curious. I’ve built myself a mental do-not-use list and may need to add them.

Anyway, many other sources including Burlen:

Ordered parts, got a tracking number right away. After weeks waiting no movement. I contacted them many times. After several messages I got reply the parts did not actually ship and an excuse the P.O. only takes two packages a day. Weeks later still nothing. Several more messages with no response. When I stated in my last message I will be contacting my CC company for refund he refunded me promptly.

That’s odd actually, never had an issue and they move a ton of product through Ebay.

I think the cam shoe and rod my not be the same from HD6 to HD8. Make a point of getting it for the 6 if you are using the std Mk2 carbs. I tried to compare it in my big SU book but for the 6 they list it as rod and shoe AUC2031 & AUC 2018. For the HD8 it shows only one # as an assy. If I can get it sorted out I might order a pair to put HD carbs on my 140.

They use the same on HD6 or HD8. I’ve done this conversion before. There are two types, early with just a plate with a bent up flange to locate it on the cam lobe and the later with the nylon roller.