Wanted late series 2 XJ manual gearbox

I’m looking for a gearbox from a series 2 late 4.2 or 3.4 (which has the lower 1st )


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There is an early Moss gearbox on Pittsburgh craigslist:. $1200.

The XJ used the Jag all synchro box. The 3.4 cars had special ratios

The Moss box is totally different

I have an old disassembled 4 speed box that a racer guy threw in when I some other parts (about 15 yrs ago). Are there any particular marking to look for?

Hi - The most useful information is the letter prefix of the gearbox number. The number is stamped on a tag attached to the left side of the casing and also on the top cover.

I have one with overdrive

Can you share the letter prefix of the gearbox number?

I have one 5 speed Getrag and one 5 speed Jaguar manual transmissions. Make me an offer on either. and give me a shipping zip code.

Thanks for the info about the gearboxes
I wasn’t aware there was a Jag 5 speed- is that the rover LT77 (series 3 XJ), or is it a Jaguar 4 speed/ electric overdrive (in which case what’s the letter prefix on the gearbox number?)

Did you see the photos that I sent to you? What do you make of those markings?

Those numbers are casting/ part numbers rather than identifying numbers

I count 14 teeth on the first end of the cluster- so potentially correct for an XjS gearbox.

Do you have any of the other gears?

It is a JAGUAR manual 5 speed from a euro spec XJ. Fifth gear is an overdrive gear.
I believe the Getrag is a 265

The 5-speed Getrag was used on AJ6 engines, not on the XK. The 5-speed used on the 4.2 S3 was a modified Rover LT77 gearbox. Before that it was Jaguars own 4-speed, with or without the electric overdrive. If being fitted to an XK engine you really want one of the ones where the bellhousing fits, i.e. the latter 2.

Thanks Dan
Frustratingly KGN isnt in my database!
I’ll do some more research

I dont record KGN gearbox prefix, thus must be some rather obscure application, but the K prefix letter consistently tells you the ratios, and the N suffix tells you it is a Gearbox that provides for an attached OVERDRIVE (re output shaft/rear gearbox cover etc)…
The KFN gearbox, as fitted to XJ6, has the following ratios, which will be same as this KGN gearbox…

2.933 : 1
1.905 : 1
1.389 : 1
1.00 : 1
3.378 : 1


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Thanks Roger
I also cant find KGN (and note your very helpful document)

There was a KGN for sale here in 2019, apparently from a 4.2 XJ6. Not sure if its the early 33/15 first or the later 34/14 one- i rather suspect the latter

It’s currently attached to a series I XJ6 engine so I’d suspect that’s where it originally came from.

It is a Jaguar 5 speed with the fifth gear being an overdrive gear from a series 2 or 3 XJ. I bought the transmissions from Peter Crespin of The Jaguar Journal some time ago for a couple of projects and probably only need one.

Usually that’s referred to as “4-speed with Overdrive”. It has 5 gears (but in theory could have 8).

What is the letter prefix of the gearbox number?