Wanted: Manual Transmission Parts For A Jeepster!

Well actually, if truth be told, I’m looking for all the bits to convert a Jaguar XJ6 to a manual transmission!

Because I have to rebuild the BW 66, which is looking to be the better part of $3000, I’m just looking into the possibility of finding a bell housing, flywheel, and gearbox out of a Jaguar, to fit fit a 4.2. OD would fine, too.

If anybody has anything, please PM me and let me know what you need for it all: it should be located in the United States, because shipping on that stuff from overseas would be prohibitively expensive.

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Bumping this up: still thinking about it.

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I have an underutilized 4.2L flywheel for the cause, if that helps.

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Also have an orphan starter (might be for an automatic?)

Set that aside: if I can find a 'box, a bell, reasonable, I may go to the shifty option.

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You got it. I’m sure I have a decent 4.2 clutch cover too. It’s drilled for both styles of clutches.

Hey, have you ever messed with the 1960’s Ford Cruise-O-Matics? I just saw a photo of one and noted that they have a separate bellhousing, just like the DG and BW autos of the period. Did a little digging and it turns out that they are all close relatives. Millions of 1960s-70s of Fords. Should be easy to find one. Maybe swap to the Jag DG bellhousing? :man_shrugging:

It occurred, but the newest of them are almost as old as the 66.

I might have found somebody, an old transmission rebuild guy, that can do it for the cost of the parts and a slab of beer!

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