WANTED - Moss or syncro gearbox for Series 1 etype

Searching for a good or “repairable” Moss or syncro gearbox for a series one E-type. Thanks, JS

Hi Jeff

Call me 706-816-1608


2+2 or short wheelbase?

Although I am not Jeff, it is a SWB coupe. Nice car, bad noise in first gear only.

Yep, I’ve decided to have the original gearbox gone through one more time, but still may need an option for a sync box or parts for a Moss. thanks, JS

@angelw may be your source.

While looking for parts for myself, came across this ad on craigslist L.A. A rebuilt moss 4 spd. It is from a 1970 e type v12. I may be wrong, but with the proper bell housing, should bolt right into your series 1. Would this be the same tranny used throughout the years?

I know that it has been available for the last 2-3 months. I’m sure the initial asking price was around
2-$2,500.00 US.

Also, I’m sure that Art Dickonson ( founding member ), of Pacific Jaguar Enthusiasts Group (Canada)


has, or had a rebuilt moss 4spd for sale.
Hope this helps.

That is not a Moss box and there’s no such thing as a 1970 production V12. If the basic facts are unclear would you trust the workmanship?

Just a case of wrong terminology Peter, it’s obviously a V12 box, the add does state 1970 +.
No good for a SWB of course !
Peter B

Well ‘Moss’ is a very specific box with completely different internals and a different gesr change pattern and bell housing compatibility. Lots of people specifically replace them with 4-synchro boxes to get rid of the Moss. Lots of people couldn’t tell by sight.

Yep, thanks Vic, as others have pointed out, the craigslist as is for a “normal” syncro gearbox…I’ll reach out to Art regarding a Moss box.,thanks, JS