WANTED: Reading Light Lens Jaguar XJ6 VP

I am looking for just the clear lens for the rear reading lights on the Jaguar XJ6 VP. I have the actual reading lights, but somehow both lens are missing. If you have the lens or good used reading lights, please contact me at:



What year might be important?

Make sure you have the springs. They fall out. You could make some, they’re conical.

I assume it’s Series, and they should all be the same.

If you mean the courtesy lights, I think I a few dozen from my XJS.
Call or text me at 650-455-1110

What Richard is asking about are the rear seat reading lamps that came in the Vanden Plas and Daimler Double Six premium trim packages in the Series II and III saloons. He probably should have posted a picture since most folks probably don’t have a clue what he is asking about. The attached picture shows one of those reading lamps in my former 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas.