WANTED: Rust free Right front and LEFT rear doors - 420G/Mark 10

I’m looking for rustfree right front and left rear doors for a 420G (Mk 10, Mark 10, Mark X).

My 1968 420G (Mk 10, Mark 10, Mark X) has some “icepick” thru and thru rust cancer areas at the bottom corners of the right front door and the left rear door.
Otherwise the doors are in perfect condition (including the outer edge of the window sweeps - excellent condition).

These areas are hard to repair due to access or because of the complicated metal fold and body curves, plus I just do not trust the local bodyshop folks in the Louisville KY area (they all are “the best”, just ask them).

I’m looking for some rustfree doors to replace these right front and left rear doors.

I don’t mind dents, but no rust at the bottom edges and at the window sweep areas, so please, no doors that are in similar or worse condition than mine.

I live in the Louisville KY area.
BTW, if YOU are a bodyman and can fix YOUR doors to high standards, I’d be interested.

Thanks for looking.

Steve at sy14051@yahoo.com

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