Wanted: S3 XJ12 intermediate exhaust pipes


For my '88 Canadian VDP, to finish the car for safety check, I need both intermediate pipes, CAC4318
I have couple of parts cars, but they are rotten too.
I tried for new ones from all the usuals, but no one has any. I tried UK as well.
I know they are a simple pipe, but I’m afraid if I take it to a muffler shop they’ll weld it all up so I will never get it apart.
If anyone has used, or can direct me to new, please do so.
Thanks, and good luck with your Jaguars,

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If no other solution presents itself is there enough of the rotten pipes left that a muffler shop could duplicate them. I’m thinking, just take the old pipes in. I’ve done that before and it helps if you can find a locally, owned mom-and-pop type shop.

And any muffler shop worth the name should be able to swage the pipes to slip on and use clamps.

Thanks Robin and John,

I’ve never used a shop to fab exhaust, but I’ve seen a lot of horrible work.

I guess I’m too cautious.

No one makes these that I can find anyway, so I’ll take it to a shop.



The complete stainless Bell systems from SNG Barratt are excellent… but not cheap. Consider doing the whole thing if you have $800-ish to spend on it.