Wanted Series II E-Type Left Door Locking Barrel BD11999

Description: After 53 years of dedicated service the left door (Driver’s side in my Left Hand Driver 1969 E-Type Fixed Head Coupe) locking barrel, Jaguar part number BD11999, failed. I am looking for replacement with a key for the left door, but would consider a matching pair for both doors with keys. I suspect that other model Jaguars used the same lock. The attached pictures show my car, a close up of the broken locking barrel, and all of the bits to the locking barrel after I removed and disassembled it.

Asking price (if selling):

Location: Taylors, South Carolina, USA

Contact information: Please send me a Jag-Lovers Private Message (PM) if you have one so that we can work out the details of price and shipping.

Cost of shipping (if selling): I will pay for shipping from USA sellers.

Willing to ship worldwide?

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I recommend Triple-C:

Triple-C Motor Accessories

They are absolute magicians when it comes to Jag locks and keys. They can take a lock barrel and re-key it to match your existing one, and even get you an original key.


Thank you for that tip. I will contact Triple-C today and see if they can help. I have purchased keys for some of my other Jaguars from Triple-C before and they were always very helpful.