Wanted! Tubular Headers for a S1-3 XJ6

This is wishful thinking I know but what the heck…

I’m looking for a set of exhaust headers for a Series 1-3 XJ6.

Must be in the US to avoid outrageous, overseas shipping costs.

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I have a set of Euro non-cat downpipes/manifolds IIRC.

If, in your search, you run across a set of non-cat downpipes from the stock iron manifolds, let me know, please.

Thanks Peter but I really want some tubular headers for this car.

Will do Wiggles.

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If Mike doesn’t want them they’re yours for postage.

See @PeterCrespin 's offer above @Wiggles
Looks like he has what you are after.

i used this kit for my '71 XJ6.
basically mock them up as you want, send them off and they’ll send back a completed set of headers

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That is a brilliant idea!

I’ll have to see if they have kits for smaller tubes: the tubular steel headers that came stock on a 2 L Rover are now made of impossibilium.

That is a great idea Jay - A bit pricy but a great way to do it.
I was hoping to find a used set that someone found to loud and raucous. They appear hear occasionally. I was too late for the last one.