Wanted usable or unmolested 4.2 head

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Looking for a good used 4.2 head

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@Jeff_Schroeder … any in yer magick piles?


Anywhere within a 150 miles or so from Detroit

I have one. San Francisco.
Comes with stake down kit, camshafts, valves…

To fit what car? Injected with big valve? Carb? Extra coolant holes in back?

Thanks, Rob

Sorry, carbureted series 1 preferably. No coolant holes in the back. But i would use a series 2 if need be

IF you are still having a time finding just a head, I still have the complete 420 engine/trans. that you had contacted me about a few weeks ago. $1,500.00 buy’s ALL as pictured, Jim.

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It’s just that i hate to buy another engine that There’s no guarantee the head if usable.


Well, I can tell you that this one has 75,000 miles on it and was last run about 6 years ago, it does turn over with no problems. I also have another 1967 420 complete car with a running motor only 75,000 miles on it as well, You can hear it run. $3,000.00 will buy it, I hate to see it parted out but OH WELL, Jim.

Was on a carbureted (2x HIF7s) Series 2.
Here it is on the car and in the bench.

It was on this block:

Let’s talk

If you get stuck on price or availability- I have a low mileage 69 4.2 very-rebuildable head that was running on the car not long ago. I swapped out for a ser 3 head and could use the space.

Ok Huff thank you if this deal should fall thru. I will definitely let you know.