Wanted used E Type S1 OTS hold down straps

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Description: I need a used but usable set of BD20660 hold down straps for a an E Type OTS. Black preferred.

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Location: California, Bay Area

Michaelpmoore@ me.com

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I have two pairs of these. They are new. Any reasonable offer and a pair of them are yours.
Richard Crump


They cost ca. $95 a pair new, I am trying to to assemble a 67 OTS for the widow of a good friend who rallied the car in the 70’s and hopes to drive it again this summer. There are numerous small parts missing and she simply can’t afford to buy the dozens of new parts to replace what is missing,I was hopingt o find someone who has restored an OTS and installed new ones(and chrome top bow assembly pivot bolts) for show purposes but had old ones which are usablee, I was hoping to find them for the range of $20 the pair. If no one comes forward with what I need, I will get back to you.

v/r, Mike Moore


Interesting - you say E-type is a 67 OTS - can you advise actual date-of-manufacture or if not Chassis No…
My June 1966 OTS originally had green hood-straps (a pale suede-green) that I broke one, but when I went to buy new factory original ones in 1976 only black straps were available, so I had to purchase a pair. I recently broke one of my BLack straps so after hunting around was able to find excellent/accurate reproduction Green straps that matched my 1966 originals (which I still have - one good, one broken). But I started to wonder when factory changed from Green to Black as this is a detail not mentioned in any of the E-type originality books nor any references I have found. Best I can tell so far is they were Green from the start in 1961 and stayed Green up until I thought 1967, but definately to end of 1966. And they were black for all Series 2 from Aug 1968 to last. Not used on V12 E-types of course. So I was thinking change may have been in start of Series 2, with the last 1967/68 4.2s probably green. Until I saw your posting, and thus question your date-of-manufacture ???

Interesting - you say E-type is a 67 OTS - can you advise actual date-of-manufacture or if not Chassis No…

Roger, I will be driving over there tomorrow to work on it and will try to get the information you asked for. I think I was wrong saying it was black because I was seeing black ones advertised -it may well have been green instead. I will confirm!

Mike Moore,

The strap on that car is a very faded green.
Bestm Mike Moore

Many thanks Mike…

Did you get a Chassis Number so I can accurately date car - US terminology of a ‘67 OTS’ is rarely a reliable date, more a marketing date or a date of first sale/registration…

I’ll try to remember to do that Friday when I return.