Wanted: Wiper motor

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Description:DL3GC88. This is the 75404D model. I don’t care if it works. My diecast end cover and the aluminum plate with the part number stamped on it are both damaged. I have a '64 E-type 3.8.

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AJ11 ,
I recommend that you modify your Want Ad to include information about what years and models Jaguar used this wiper motor. It may help others to know whether or not they have what you are looking for without having to search their Parts Catalogues for the part numbers.


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That’s a good point. I figured that since the part number is stamped on the face that it would be evident, but more info is better. I’m not sure how to edit the post. Do you know how? Thanks

If you go to your post through the web interface (not email) you will note that there is an image of pencil with an eraser at the bottom of your post. If you click on this pencil you can edit your post. That it one way to add the information about the year and model Jaguars that this part can be found in.


If I can see a photo, it might be the same as ones on my parts Rovers.

I have an end cap if its any good to you, only differance is that I do not show a number 3 on the housing. Taken from a 1960 150


I have the entire motor that you are looking for. Here are a few photos. robtbagr@umixh.edu