Wanted: XJ6 Series 3 Oil Cooler Lines

Looking for both oil cooler line replacements for a 1985 XJ6.

Location: Rochester, NY

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Do you mean the rubber part of them? If so any good hydraulic line shop can replace them on the original fittings.

The Jaguar part numbers for those oil cooler hoses are CBC1437 and CBC1438. The Jaguar suppliers in the USA (Moss Motors, SNG Barratt, Welsh Enterprises, etc) usually carry them. You might even find them on eBay if you searched for “Jaguar CBC1437” and “Jaguar CBC1438”. As Wiggles correctly points out hydraulic hose shops can rebuild yours from the metal pipe ends and new modern hose. I have taken several oil cooler, air conditioning, and transmission cooler pipes/hoses from my Jaguars into hydraulic shops for rebuilds when I couldn’t find new replacements or the new replacements were very expensive. The hydraulic shops can build up replacements with new modern hoses suited specifically for your use. They won’t be cheap, but this is one way to get them when you need them.


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I got a set, used from David at EverydayXJ.com

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I’m not seeing it. Can you send a link to the specific product page?