Wanted - XJSC roof panels and rear soft top

ive been searching ebay, craigslist and clasifieds everywhere, but i cant find any, also. ive searched for parts cars on copart and i often ask my friend who owns a junkyard on leads, but nothing but cars without the pannels on copart and panels in poor condition for a high price on ebay.

if anyone has any leads or is selling, feel free to respond!

have a good day! -ian (shaguar)

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Hi Ian,
I’m debating whether to part out or fix this Cab. It hasn’t run in 3 years.
It’s complete now, so if I sell the top, I would continue to part out.
Would $600US be too much? I’m in Canada, but there’s no tax or duty going to the US.
Maybe if someone wanted the rear seat delete, or other bits, it would encourage me to part it.
The beige fabric on the underside of the top needs replacement.
Call if you like, 905-932-0284

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that would be perfect, and the exact color i need! ill be sure to contact you at some point soon so i can get more information, thanks so much,

and while i got your attention, how is all the wood in the car? mine is all cracked and chiped, also, what color is the interior?

my cab is in need of some work, because the roof pannels leaked, it craeted some damage to the interior., like the seats and wood, due to the moisture.


Do you have the pull down deflector that sits above the rear view mirror ? I’d be interested In that.


I have a nice storage bag for the t-tops and a factory hardtop for the XJ-SC if you
need either of those