WANTED: XK 120 RH Headlamp Nacelle

Any chance there’s a good one out there?

Hello, do you request a nacelle for an alloy car?
Do you know if the nacelle for a PF770 (7.7") is the same as the ususal 7" sealedbeam headlamps.
Please provide a picture and some rough dimension of your LH nacelle or the remaning RH nacelle.
I might have a set, but it is definitely for a PF770 headlamp.
best regards

No, The one I need is for a steel later XK 120. Right hand side.

Yes, the same - that is, only one size nacelle. The difference between the two headlamps is in the chrome rings.

Be aware, though, that there were differences in the nacelles and I believe, like the doors, they were matched up during assembly to achieve the best fit. Mine were mismatched because one of the front wings had been replaced and I went through an exercise to get them symmetrical, reported here:

hi ,i had just purchased a horde of xk 120/140/150 plus e type bits and there are several sets of headlamps from xk 120/140/150 plus e type, a Hugh inventory,i think i may have it ? i prefer text 609-489-2149 thks robert